Technical clothing style patterns

S.likenoone srl thanks to the experience gained over the years and the choices made in the context of technical textiles features a wide range of platforms dedicated to the development of style, technique and patterns of clothing for men, women and children.

We are able to offer you consulting at any phase:

  • Study of Basics
  • Study of ‘Wearability’
  • Study of Measurements
  • Transfer of Photo Shoots
  • Study of Collars
  • Study of Shirts
  • Study of Trousers
  • Study of men’s/women’s Clothes
  • Study of Outerwear
  • Study of Skirts
  • Tailoring Patterns
  • Modelling Techniques
  • Industrial Patterns
  • Placement of fabric
  • Designing Techniques
  • Controlling Cost and Consumption
  • Technical data sheet

Completely supervised by leading exponents of Italian industry.