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After several years of studies related to the world of clothing accessories we came to a conclusion and found that one of the main problems has been that of:

  • Delays in delivery of different raw materials (from different suppliers)
  • Exaggerated inventories of raw materials at the end of every season

Precisely for this reason we have patented completely free software for our customers to eliminate this.
The name of this software is "accessory pack".

The package is a method that allows you to calculate the cost of each item to be created.
How it works:

  1. The customer sends us a master sample that is to be produced;
  2. Once arrived the master sample is completely disassembled in order to see the complete materials. After finding the same or very similar materials to the client sample we continue with the development of the package. The development package allows us to classify the same package. Classification means to determine whether the accessory package that is being created is “LOW QUALITY”, “MEDIUM QUALITY” or “HIGH QUALITY”. Consequently the “quality” of the package will determine the final cost of all the accessories. Naturally the client must communicate the individual unit consumption of certain items (e.g. in the master we need 1.20 metres of lining, 0.50 metres of fusible webbing to the bust, 10 buttons, etc ...)
  3. Consumption is developed and communicated to us by the client with the prices of our products, obtaining the exact cost of all the accessories that will serve to make the master.

NB: This in addition to saving valuable time for our client makes sure that at the time of ordering there is no unnecessary waste of materials, since there is no minimum neither for pattern nor for quantity.

When the customer orders they order the number of items that will be produced and not the individual accessory item (e.g.: no. 50 packages to create 50 items).
The merchandise is prepared based on the needs of the actual customer; it is classified for the package, arranged and packed on special pallets that show all four sides, complete documentation relating to the package (packing lists, number of packages, goods prepared, reference order and article reference).

At completion of packing and the closure of the pallet, we proceed with the load in crates or containers to the final destination.